Real Solutions for your student, classroom, or school.

About Us

Our company, Real Solutions Educational Company, Inc., founded by president Ron Sabad in 1998, started quite simply to serve individual student’s needs in the comfort of their own home.  From day one we understood that in order to offer a service to students that would truly add value to their education, we needed to focus on creating content that would aid us in doing just that.  Since 1998, we have tutored students from the counties of Fairfield, Connecticut; Westchester, New York; West Chester, Pennsylvania; and Cook County and Lake County, Illinois.  At each step of growth, we have stayed continually focused on the one-to-one, in-home tutoring, with flexible hours and results, that both parents and students can easily recognize.

In 2005, Real Solutions expanded its services by writing numerous proprietary courses and curriculum programs that combine its teaching and tutoring experience with ten years of test preparation research into a comprehensive package that is utilized with its tutoring clients, partner school districts and private education companies.

Real Solutions offers these programs to ALL its clients, giving them the opportunity to increase their overall academic success throughout their school career with the goal of admission into, and successful graduation from, college. 

Our goal in writing Real SAT Solutions was to educate and empower school teachers with the tools to effectively prepare ALL STUDENTS for the SAT test, which ultimately leads to our long-term mission:

  1. Eliminate the economic bias of the SAT test.
  2. Provide every student with the opportunity to perform well on a test that sets the stage for the rest of his or her life.
  3. Empower all students to go to college and succeed in college, no matter what their individual economic situation may be.
  4. Focus on core academics in all of our course and curriculum content.

“Finally, there is an academic SAT course and curriculum that is designed to increase ALL students' scores.” “Not only will teachers love to teach this comprehensive SAT course, the students will be learning real strategies and techniques to improve their scores… It is without reservation that I recommend Real SAT Solutions for all school districts.” --Suzanne Brown Koroshetz; Principal, Stamford High School; Stamford, CT