SAT & ACT Prep

We customize our program in order to meet the needs of your student based on previous test results, or a diagnostic test.  Therefore, your student is learning what he or she needs to know to increase their scores.  They are NOT getting a generic program.

Real SAT Solutions, the workbook used to prepare your student, was written by our staff utilizing our proprietary strategies.  Published in 2006, Real SAT Solutions will give your student the tools necessary to excel.


  • An average increase of over 300 points per student
  • No upfront cost and no required number of tutoring hours
  • Customized to meet your student’s needs
  • In-home convenience and one-on-one preparation
  • SAT Preparation with the exclusive use of Real SAT Solutions
Contact us to find out what test you should be preparing for and when you should begin your preparation.  We look forward to working with you!