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Real Solutions Educational Consulting, Inc. provides innovative curriculum materials, teacher training, and support services to school districts.  We strive to create the highest quality academic content for our curriculum with the understanding that our materials need to benefit students at many different levels of learning in the classroom.  Helping students get into college, and succeed once in college, continues to drive everything we do.

 Real Academic Solutions: Grades 7-10

The transition from middle school to high school is often a difficult process for many students. Therefore, the Real Academic Solutions student workbook has been designed to make that academic adjustment much easier. For less than $30 per student, Real Academic Solutions delivers the highest quality academic program of its type.

  • The step-by-step approach and breakdown of each writing, reading, and math skill makes Real Academic Solutions very user friendly and enables students of all learning levels to attain understanding and success in the classroom.
  • In addition to achievement in the classroom, the concepts taught in Real Academic Solutions will help students succeed on state standardized tests.  Throughout the workbook, standardized test strategies are incorporated to ensure that the students can make the connection with what they are learning in the classroom to how those academic skills are tested on the state standardized tests.

Real SAT Solutions: Grades 10-12

As a result of teaching in various school districts, it became clear that there was not an academic course or workbook that truly helped students understand the relationship between their academics and the SAT style of questioning.  Focusing on the academic skills behind the critical reading, writing, and math sections of the SAT, Real SAT Solutions does so much more than simply provide practice tests to the students.

  • Complete with 45 English and 45 math lessons, Real SAT Solutions was developed as a half-year elective course.  However, since this course focuses on academics, it can also be used in an English or math class as a supplement to the current academic curriculum.  In addition, it can be implemented as an after-school program or Saturday course.
  • Focusing on the academic skills the students need for the SAT, for their academic classes, and for all standardized tests, Real SAT Solutions represents a new model for institutional SAT preparation.

Our comprehensive teacher training empowers your school to take SAT preparation into its own hands.  It is our goal to set your school on the road to successful SAT preparation for years to come.

Real SAT Solutions & Real Academic Solutions qualify for Title I & Title II funding!

Schools that use Real Solutions Educational Consulting, Inc. programs have successfully used Title 1 funds for student workbooks and teacher’s editions, and Title II funds for professional development.  Washington Mathematics Science & Technology Public Charter High School in Washington, D.C. recently implemented the Real SAT Solutions and Real Academic Solutions courses in August, 2009, using both Title 1 & Title II funding.

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