In-Home Tutoring

RSTutoring provides private one-to-one online and in-home tutoring services customized to meet the educational needs of your student.  We make every effort to understand the unique educational needs of your student prior to setting any appointments.  Once we fully understand your student and his or her goals, we will start the process at your convenience.

All of our tutors are college graduates, and the majority of our tutors are certified teachers with at least several years of teaching experience.  While specializing in customer service and flexible scheduling, our goal is to be available and flexible, knowing just how busy today’s students and parents are.

“…Christi is an amazing instructor and she has a wonderful rapport with Annalise.  We are very grateful to Christi.  She has a gentleness that disarmed Annalise’s anxiety and helped her face her struggle with math.  This has been key in getting Annalise prepared to learn.  I wish to thank you also for keeping our joint schedules on track in an efficient manner.” – Deborah, Parent of an RS Tutoring Student